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Welcome to home of Autodrive

This is the home of the Autodrive open source project. Autodrive is a shorthand for Automation Driver and can be characterized as a framework. The driver is useful for a number of areas where automation is a key factor for success.

You have properly found these pages searching or showing interest in cost-effective automation. Maybe this search has been for subjects where automation plays a central role. These subjects could be for testing, collecting metadata, configuration management, deployment, and monitoring.

You should have some development skills to maximize the potential of this project no matter if you are a developer wanting to contribute or simply a plain user.

The driver itself doesn't know much, only how to drive a set of instructions and finally report on these, eventually collecting specific results along the way.

The driver can easily be extended through plugins, enriching the basic command set or enveloping complex functionality. As of today there exists several plugins dedicated for highly specialized areas.

Even though the driver could be used for unit testing, it is not a main objective to do so or even to try to replace exiting well proven concepts. The main objective is simply to provide a driver for automation in general.

These wiki pages are intended to document how autodrive works.