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This chapter describes how to write a plugin for the autodriver. Plugins are basically a POJO that implements ADpluginIF and extends the AD_PluginBase class.


This class holds a default plugin implementation that supports the requires methods of interface ADpluginIF. The methods can be overwritten in the POJO plugin. Please refer to JavaDoc in order to learn about the specific methods.

Interface ADpluginIF

This interface enforces that methods requires and used for framework communication is provided.

Design rules

A few rules must be followed when designing a plugin. The single most important rule is that everytime a plugin uses objects that can lead to blocking operations, cleanup and release of these ressources must happen in the destroy method. If this is not done properly the JVM can get into a blocking state during shutdown.


New plugins should be placed as a submodule to the main Driver project. Dependencies should be defined in a pom.xml file as local as possible.